Celebrate birthday party or wedding anniversary with our delicious cakes. We bake and deliver customized cakes based on the occasion and requirements. If you have the specific cake in mind, our amazing team is more than happy to discuss your requirements.
Let us bring a smile on the face of your loved ones!!

  • Black Forest Gateau With Truffle
  • Black Forest Gateau
  • Blueberry Gateau
  • Butter Scotch / Nougat Gateau
  • Choco Irish Gateau
  • Chocolate Delight
  • Chocolate Truffle
  • Dutch Truffle
  • Dragon Fruit Gateau
  • Exotic Mix Fruit Gateau
  • Fresh Fruit Gateau With White Chocolate
  • Kiwi Gateau
  • Mango Gateau
  • Strawberry Gateau
  • Orange Gateau
  • Fresh Fruit Gateau
  • Honey Almond Gateau
  • Pinacolada Gateau
  • Pineapple Gateau
  • Rainbow Gateau
  • Raspberry Gateau
  • Redvelvet Gateau
  • White Forest Gateau
  • KitKat Mousse Cake
  • PNR Alpine Mousse Cake
  • Mud Cake
  • Mud Cake Almond
  • Mud Cake Walnut
  • Mud Cake Mecrocks
  • Mud Cake Cookies


Foodies looking for a tasty and healthy puff snack can now find it at Puffs ‘n’ Rolls.
Great quality, freshness, and choice you’d find in our every store.

  • Veg Puff
  • Veg Masala Puff
  • Veg Spicy Puff
  • Veg Mushroom Puff
  • Veg Pie
  • Chicken Puff
  • Chicken Masala Puff
  • Spicy Chicken Puff
  • Chicken Mushroom Puff
  • Chicken Pie


When hunger strikes, our delicious snacks are easy to go, and a confirmed hit with everyone. Why don’t you try them at Puffs ‘n’ Rolls?

  • Veg Spring Roll
  • Veg Masala Patty
  • Veg Fried Roll
  • Potato Cheese Roll
  • Veg Wrap Roll
  • Chicken Spring Roll
  • Chicken Fried Roll
  • Chicken Wrap Roll
  • Chicken Masala Pattice
  • Chicken Cutlet